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Learn how to quickly setup your account and get started with messaging using BigRadar.

First things first. Thank you for signing up for BigRadar.

After signup up, you must have got an email to verify your email. Without verifying your email, you cannot proceed further to set up your account.

If you are not getting the email in your inbox which is a very rare case, but exceptions are everywhere. Please check your junk/spam folder. Once, verified. Let's proceed to next step.

Steps to complete the account setup

  • Create a new project (website).

  • Get code snippet and install on your website.

  • Verify the installation.

  • Download mobile apps.

  • Create your first bot

  • Setup custom data fields.

  • Invite your team.

  • It's done.

1. Create a new project Enter your brand name and website address, this will reflect on your website as your brand in messenger on top title.

2. Get code to install on your website Step 1 - Copy the above code and paste before </body> tag on all pages. Step 2 - Upload the file on your server and visit your website to test it. Step 3 - Visit to chat with your visitors

3. Verify the Installation When you have placed the code in your pages, Please click on verify to test whether the code is successfully placed on not. If you're facing any issues with verification. Please reach us.

4. Download the Mobile Apps You can download the apps to get instant notification when someone messages you from your website. It helps you in increase your sales and responsiveness to customers.

BigRadar on iOS App Store | BigRadar on Android Play Store

5. Create your first Chatbot Well, that's important to engage visitors, else you will miss many opportunities. We have written a complete guide to create your first bot on BigRadar on this post.

6. Setup custom data fields. Every business is different with different process and type of services. So, we make BigRadar highly customization to fit in any type of business requirements.

Our team have explained about custom fields here on this post.

7. Invite your team You can have multiple team members to respond to your chats and messages. It improves the collaboration and customer experience between different departments.

Please go to Settings > Team > Add New Team

8. It's done.

We hope you'll enjoy the product. We would love to have your feedback on any improvements needed.

How to contact our team?

Well, again. BigRadar Messenger is appearing on your screen on the right bottom.

Say "hi" to us.

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