Get started with BigRadar

Let's setup things quickly to setup the engagement & messaging on your website.

How to signup?

Just go to the signup page and provide some basic info to set up your new account. we just need the following data for new signups.

  • Your name

  • Email

  • Create password

  • Accept terms of use

After signup, you can follow this step by step guide to set up your new account.

Coming from other platforms?

If you are you looking to migrate from the previous platform which you're using. We would be happy to help you. Please reach our team for quick assistance.

However, you can import you can customers data directly in the users section by importing a CSV file.

How to integrate BigRadar on your website?

It's quite simple and you don't need to be a developer. Our team has explained in this post about how you can easily integrate in less than 5 mins.

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