Create your first Chatbot

Engage people on your website by creating conversation engaging experiences.

Chatbots helps you can create multiple engagement trigger and collects the information smartly from people engaging with them.

BigRadar's Chatbot system is really smart and they work all day every time so that you don't lose any visitors. You can work on your business freely because BigRadar Bots are looking after your website 24/7.

Steps to create your first ChatBot

There are two ways to create ChatBots

  1. Start with a template provided by us.

  2. Create ChatBot from scratch

I will tell you both ways. First, let's start with the very simple step

Start with a Bot template provided by us.

  1. I am assuming you are already at BigRadar dashboard, Now click on the Bots option from the left Navigation Bar.

  • Next: You will see a blank page with a button in the center and top right corner "Start with Templates" Click on that.

After clicking templates popup will appear, Select the template you like (More templates are coming)

Your Bot has been created, Next step is Editing a ChatBot We have written a complete guide to How to Add/Edit Questions in ChatBot

Create ChatBot From Scratch

After landing on the Bots screen, you will see the button of create new ChatBot in the top right corner next to the templates button. Click on it.

Next: Give your bot a name e.g Lead Collecting Bot.

Great! Your Bot has been successfully created, We have written a complete guide to How to Create/Edit questions in ChatBot.

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