How to add/edit questions in ChatBot

Most of the businesses improve their chatbot questions and answer after creating it first time.

I am assuming you have already created your ChatBot, If not we have written a guide on Create your first ChatBot you can follow this and then come to this guide.

ChatBot Detail Page

Before diving into the questions part, let's look at the full ChatBot Details page. The ChatBot detail page is divided into 3 parts.

  1. Header: where you can change the name and take actions on bot's visibility.

  2. Questions: This is where you add/edit questions, flows, and other options

  3. Audience: Here you set visibility rules for bot e.g If the visitor is on category page show this bot. We have written the full guide on How to set visibility rules for a ChatBot

Edit Questions

You just created a ChatBot with the template and now it's time to edit those questions according to your needs. You will see 5 paths on the left side and they will work in this sequence, so the first message wil "Hi, Can we chat" from path 1.

Click on Path 1, You will see the question input box where you can edit the question, and under it field types options for editing.

Next: Below the question, there are reply buttons your visitors can choose from.

Custom paths, based on your visitor's response

Your bot can redirect your website visitors to different paths according to their needs. Click on the paths in front of each option to select.

Edit Other Paths and Qualify Leads

Now, Click on the 2nd path

You can convert your visitor into a qualified lead with the help of data collector fields.

Click on the type under question input box and select collect data.

Give your field a name and select the field type you want the user to fill in.

Pro tips:

  • Your lead’s attention will fade quickly. So, only ask for a maximum of 5 details.

  • While creating paths for users imagine aap visitors se inperson baat kar rahe ho. It will help you create meaningful questions and paths.

How to Add Questions in ChatBot

You created a new ChatBot from the scratch and now it's time to add your question set to ask your new visitor.

Next: To add your first question, simply type your question in the input field.

Tip: Your first message should be attractive so that you grab visitor's attention.

Next: Add Options for the user to choose from.

Custom paths for each option

Great! your first question is ready, now add the new custom paths for each option.

You can choose what type of question you want to ask your visitors.

Tip: Ask for visitors data (phone or email) before he/she get bored with all the questions and leave.

This is how you can add/edit questions in ChatBot and convert a website visitor into a qualified lead.

Next Step: Set a visibility rule for your ChatBot. We have written a full guide on How to set visibility rules for ChatBot

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